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"The Queen of Rap, slaying with Queen Bey!"

"The Queen of Rap, slaying with Queen Bey!"

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what i said:i like anime
what my family heard:i only like asians. i am destined to marry an asian and move to an asian country and eat nothing but asian food and speak an asian language asian asian asian also i am officially changing my race to asian bye
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//sighs heavily and reads more fanfiction


//sighs heavily and reads more fanfiction

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So, I’ve seen this still from End of Evangelion more times than I can count.


But it wasn’t until just now that I even noticed the funniest part about it:


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no matter how old I get

I will always be at least slightly convinced that I’m capable of hurting a stuffed animal’s feelings

Toy Story mentally fucked a generation of kids.

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kris: fuck SM.
jessica: fuck SM.
me: fuck SM.
sones: fuck SM.
exo-l: fuck SM.
kpop fandom: fuck SM.
obama: fuck SM.
my cat: fuck SM.
yg: LOL
jyp: *whispers* jyp

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the first female chinese immigrant to america was a sixteen-year-old girl who was part of a cultural exhibit where she sat in a life-size diorama and people watched her eat with chopsticks while wearing silk clothes and that’s really all you need to know about the commodification of chinese women

It would be really great if you included her name in this post tho.

her name was Afong Moy, stage name “The Chinese Lady.”

And here is more information

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  • Release Date: October 6 

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